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How Can an Irrigation System Benefit My Landscape?

Irrigation and sprinkler systems are a convenient way to maintain your lawn and keep your garden looking at its best.  Georgia Sprinklers talks about some of the ways that a modern irrigation or sprinkler system can keep your landscape looking beautiful, and be beneficial to your wallet and the environment.

How are Irrigation Systems Beneficial?

  1. Watering the Garden | Irrigation Systems | Georgia SprinklersThey Save Time – The time that you used to spend manually watering your lawn and garden will now be free.  You can have a timer set on your sprinkler system, and not have to worry about watering your landscape. This also allows for you to go on vacation, or for a long weekend, without worrying about your lawn.
  2. Irrigation Systems Save Money – A modern irrigation or sprinkler system doesn’t waste a drop of water.  They are timed and programmed to give your landscape exactly what it needs to thrive.  Some new irrigation systems even have sensors that know when it has rained, and their schedule can be adjusted automatically.
  3. Sprinkler Systems Create a Lush Lawn – It’s known that when your lawn, flowers, plants and trees are watered with less water, more times per day, it improves their growth. With timed irrigation systems you will definitely notice a greener and more luscious lawn and garden.
  4. It Deters Weed Growth – When you use a sprinkler system you will notice that fewer weeds are popping up around your landscape.  This is mostly due to the fact that irrigation systems are only giving water directly to the plants and areas that need it, therefor preventing the weeds elsewhere from getting what they need to survive.

Irrigation and sprinkler systems can save you time and money, while still providing your landscape and gardens with the optimal conditions that they need to thrive.  Some people are discouraged by the initial cost of a full irrigation system.   However, when you take into account the wasted water and time that it takes to water your lawn manually and then weight it with the benefits of a greener and more vibrant landscape, it really is well worth it.  Georgia Sprinklers will work with you to make sure that you’re getting the most efficient system available, customized for your needs. Call Georgia Sprinklers (770) 631-3113 today to get a free quote for a new sprinkler system installation.

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