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Sprinkler System Leak Detection

Leaks in your irrigation system can often times go undetected until you suddenly have a flooded yard! This is why you need to call Georgia Sprinklers when you think that you may have a sprinker leak and need repairs. Standing water can do a lot of damage to your landscape, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

Leak detection | Sprinkler LeaksIrrigation leaks most commonly occur because the valves fail to completely close, or you have broken heads. While that is not technically a leak it is wasting water and you will begin to see the effects of an over saturated lawn. In addition to these two common problems, it’s not completely unheard of that you actually have a leak in your pipes.

Here are some signs that you need to call Georgia Sprinklers for Atlanta Irrigation Leak Detection:

  • Certain areas of your lawn are growing faster, overgrown or are greener than the rest of the turf
  • Soggy areas left when the sprinklers are not operating
  • You notice a spike in your water bill

If the sprinkler leak is large you should notice right away. The ground will become soft and muddy in the area of the leak. However, you may have a slow leak that isn’t very noticeable…until you get your water bill or notice that your turf is uneven. If you think that you’re¬†experiencing¬†an irrigation leak turn off all of the water to the inside of the home, and be sure that the leak isn’t coming from indoors. Check your meter, if it’s still spinning you need to give Georgia Sprinklers a call today 678.723.7234 for expert irrigation leak detection in the Peachtree City area.