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Start Up Your Sprinklers for Spring with Georgia Sprinklers

If you are new to owning sprinklers then you may ask yourself why anyone would hire an Atlanta sprinkler company to start up their sprinklers for them. After all, you don’t need an Atlanta sprinkler company when all you have to do is walk out to the yard and turn the valve, right? Wrong! Winter is very hard on any underground sprinkler system.

The earth could have shifted, pipes could have cracked or corroded and fittings could have come loose. So, if you just walk out and turn on your sprinkler system one fine spring morning then you could be ordering a new system that afternoon. A professional Atlanta sprinkler company will inspect all of your hardware before doing anything and then they will slowly bring the system back on line so they can look for any problems and nip them in the bud.

If you decide to turn your sprinklers on by yourself then you should closely follow these steps:

  1. Atlanta Sprinklers | GA Sprinklers | Georgia SprinklersWait until the ground is no longer frozen before starting. You should check the ground to a depth of one foot to ensure it is frost free.
  2. Start removing the sprinkler heads at the highest place in each zone. This will allow air to escape when you fill it with water.
  3. This is crucial! Start to fill the main line very, very slowly. If you are doing it correctly then it should take about half an hour to fill each zone. If you try to fill the system too quickly it can cause air to be trapped that will result in leaks or even an explosion.
  4. When the main line has been filled you will need to repeat the process in each zone.
  5. When the water coming out of the removed sprinkler heads is running clear and contains no bubbles then the zone has been filled properly. Replace the sprinkler heads and continue running each zone to make sure all the trapped air is released.

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